Girlpool, "Powerplant" LP (2017). Front cover image. Anti- Records release. Pop, punk, folk.
Girlpool, "Powerplant" LP (2017). Back cover image. Anti- Records release. Pop, punk, folk.
Girlpool, "Powerplant" LP (2017). Lyrics insert image. Anti- Records release. Pop, punk, folk.
Girlpool, "Powerplant" LP (2017). Lyrics insert cover image. Anti- Records release. Pop, punk, folk.
Girlpool, "Powerplant" LP (2017). Record label sticker image. Anti- Records release. Pop, punk, folk.
Anti- Records

Girlpool "Power Plant" LP (2017)

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Details: Used 12" record and the third album of Los Angeles-based Girlpool. Some bubbling on the record label on the record (occurred in pressing, see photos). Another huge and awesome sounding record from Girlpool duo Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad. Great album. Conservatively graded.

Fan reviews: "An appealing refinement of what made Before The World Was Big so great, Powerplant retains the songwriting and approach, while honing in on some sonic decisions that add depth."--Jacob Gehman

"Lo-fi on the surface, but intricately layered with nuanced songwriting and texture. A special one. Favorite track: Static Somewhere."--Poodlepop

Description: "The music Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad release as Girlpool occupies a transient space. Their constant evolution makes it perfectly impossible to articulate exactly where their project falls within the contemporary musical canon; this is one of the many reasons Girlpool’s music is so captivating.

Never before has a group’s maturation been so transparently attached to the maturation of its members. This is due in large part to the fact that Girlpool came into existence exactly when Girlpool was supposed to come into existence: at the most prolific stage of the digital revolution. Both online and in the flesh, Tividad and Tucker practice radical openness to the point where it may even engender discomfort; this is exactly the point where it becomes clear why theirs’ is such a special project: they accept the possibility of discomfort—Chaos—and show you how to figure out why you might feel it. This is achieved through their ability to empathize as best friends and partners in creation, with the intention of making music that provokes.
They met in November of 2013, and released their self-titled EP just 3 months later. Both were playing in multiple bands at the time. Harmony was 18. Cleo was 17.
The growth they have fostered in one another over the years explains the project’s disparate discography; each record is a photograph of Girlpool, growing over time. Their roots are a certain shade of punk—organized chaos dressed as earworms. “Where You Sink,” one of the first singles off their upcoming record, What Chaos Is Imaginary, gives you an idea of how much things have changed since 2014. ..."

Grade: VG+ (cover) / VG+ (record)

Tracklisting Side A:

1. 123
2. Sleepless
3. Corner Store
4. Your Heart
5. Kiss and Burn
6. Fast Dust

Tracklisting Side B:

1. Powerplant
2. High Rise
3. Soup
4. She Goes By
5. It Gets More Blue
6. Static Somewhere