FroSTed "Cold" LP (1996)
FroSTed "Cold" LP (1996)
FroSTed "Cold" LP (1996)
FroSTed "Cold" LP (1996)
FroSTed "Cold" LP (1996)
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FroSTed "Cold" LP (1996)

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Details: This is the 1996 project "FroSTed" featuring the Go-Go's Jane Wiedlin with four songs written with fellow the Go-Go's bandmate Charlotte Caffey. It's a great slice of this time period for Jane who moved with the sound of the times and teamed up with a fun group of musicians! Still sounds great, and it comes on a super cool blue 'froSTed' slab of awesome vinyl. The cover is a bit worn and there is some bending showing on inner lyric/credit insert, but the album inside is near mint! Found this in Michigan! Super 'cool' record (literally)! Super limited! This pressing is the only one for vinyl and only 1500 were ever pressed in total on an independent called Scooch Pooch Records.

Description: Frosted (stylized as FroSTed) was an American pop punk band, founded by ex-Go-Go's guitarist and singer Jane Wiedlin in 1995. The band was so-named because "it sounds sweet". The letters S and T were capitalized in tribute to Star Trek, one of Wiedlin's favorite TV shows. They released one album in 1996.

Wiedlin was joined by a second guitarist, Brian Waters, Sean Demott on bass and Lance Porter (of Ex-Idols) on drums. All three men provided additional vocals. Frosted began by playing live in Los Angeles and San Francisco, before their sole album Cold, co-produced with Marc Waterman, was issued in August 1996. It was not a commercial success but was well received by critics. Allmusic describes the album as "bright, chunky, and radio-friendly without being gooey mainstream glop". Rachel Haden was credited with singing, while a guesting Gerri Sutyak played cello. Four songs on the album were co-written with fellow Go Go's guitarist Charlotte Caffey. The tracks "Bed" and "Call Me Crazy" were released as a single. FroSTed's last show was at 14 Below in Santa Monica, on 31 March 1998.

Grade: VG (Cover) / NM (Record)


1. Dis-integrated
2. Call Me Crazy
3. Homeless
4. Amerinoid
5. Cold
6. Never
7. Shoulder The Sky


1. Bed
2. Hope
3. Praying
4. My Boyfriend
5. Hey Girl
6. Empty & Meaningless
7. Sliver of Glass