Frankie Cosmos "Zentropy" CD (2014)
Frankie Cosmos "Zentropy" CD (2014)
Double Double Whammy

Frankie Cosmos "Zentropy" CD (2014)

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Details: New stock, sealed CD digipak on Double Double Whammy. Frankie Cosmos, "Zentropy" CD released in 2014. 

Description: "If you haven't been paying attention Frankie Cosmos has released over forty albums since 2009, but Zentropy is the first studio effort as a three-piece, adding a new sonic chapter to the anti-folk beauty of her songs. Ready to melt your hearts and make you believe, Frankie aka Greta Kline's songwriting captures everything that's great about a pop song. Sadness, optimism, and charm blend effortlessly in every song. Dreamy, catchy, and vibrantly beautiful."--Dan Goldin (EIS Records)

Grade: M (new/sealed)


1. Art School
2. Fireman
3. Birthday Song
4. Owen
5. Buses Splash With The Rain
6. Leonie
7. I Do Too
8. Dancing In The Public Eye
9. My I Love You 
10. Sad 2