Fanny "Fanny" LP (1970)
Fanny "Fanny" LP (1970)
Fanny "Fanny" LP (1970)
Fanny "Fanny" LP (1970)
Fanny "Fanny" LP (1970)
Fanny "Fanny" LP (1970)
Reprise Records

Fanny "Fanny" LP (1970)

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Details: This is a Canadian 1970 ORIGINAL. "According to Alice De Buhr in the 2013 CD re-release, a Canadian pressing was their "true 'first' Fanny album", released by mistake (maybe as a promo LP?). To further cite Alice De Buhr 2013: "...this U.S. version had more of Nickey's songs and playing, and it was a better album and Fanny was a better band with her addition." Used LP, gatefold is in great condition, yellowed a bit but still pretty cool and not much wear. There is a small top split on back side of gatefold starting up in top-right corner (record is stored outside of gatefold to prevent further damage). Vinyl is in VG++. This is the Canadian 1970 Reprise pressing. Promo punch in bottom-right corner of LP cover. 

Description: "Fanny is often cited as being the first all-female rock band, and while that might be arguable, they were certainly one of the first all-girl bands to write their own material and rock out with the best of their male counterparts. The four original members of Fanny were sisters June Millington (guitar, vocals) and Jean Millington (bass, vocals), with Alice de Buhr (drums, vocals), and Nickey Barclay (keyboards, vocals). June and Nickey were the primary songwriters for the band, but Jean and Alice made significant contributions to their repertoire and all four participated in arranging the songs and crafting their stage performances. Some of the biggest music stars of the time, from David Bowie to Deep Purple to George Harrison to the Kinks, were so blown away by these four teenage rockers that they went out of their way to promote the band and to book them as an opening act. In fact, Bowie was quoted in 1999 as saying 'One of the most important female bands in American rock has been buried without a trace. And that is Fanny. They were one of the finest fucking rock bands of their time, in about 1973. They were extraordinary: They wrote everything, they played like motherfuckers, they were just colossal and wonderful, and nobody’s ever mentioned them. They’re as important as anybody else who’s ever been, ever; it just wasn’t their time. Revivify Fanny. And I will feel that my work is done'. 

They were also the first all-female rock act to record a whole album for a major record label, with Reprise releasing the 'Fanny' album in 1970. The band was soon back in the studio recording songs for the follow-up record, and at this point, Reprise decided to release that first album in Canada. Tapes were duly sent off to the pressing plant, and it wasn't until the finished article was in the shops that someone noticed that the wrong tapes had been sent. Not only did they contain only a few songs from the debut, but they were mixed in with early versions of songs destined for their second album 'Charity Ball', and even some songs that have never since seen the light of day outside Canada." - Peter Jolly

Grade: VG+ (Cover) / VG+ (Record)


A1. Come and Hold Me
A2. I Just Realized
A3. Candlelighter Man
A4. Conversation With A Cop
A5. Badge
A6. Changing Horses


B1. Bitter Wine
B2. Take A Message To The Captain
B3. It Takes A Lot Of Good Lovin'
B4. Shade Me
B5. Seven Roads