ESG "ESG" Compilation RE CD (2011)
Fire Records

ESG "ESG" Compilation RE CD (2011)

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Details: ESG self-titled compilation released on Fire Records (out of print). CD digipak. New stock, sealed. 2011.

Description: "ESG's sound incorporates elements from funk, hip-hop, and punk music. The group has been described as being "driven by economical drumming, tersely phrased bass, and minimal [...] guitar." Lead vocalist Renee Scroggins has cited James Brown as a major influence, in particular when his songs "take it to the bridge"—Scroggins described these instrumental sections as "that giant bass and the drums and letting it rip for that instant [...] so I said, man if you could just take a song and make it just the bridge, wouldn't that be hot!"

Renee Scroggins has said that ESG's sound is influenced by the Latin music she and her sisters would hear in the neighborhood when they were growing up. She doesn't define the band as one genre, saying "if I really had to put a label on it, we consider it to be music that makes you dance."

Grade: M (new stock)


1. Standing In Line
2. Erase You
3. Get Funky
4. Moody
5. New Day
6. I
7. Hold Me Right
8. I Wanna Dance
9. I Can't Tell You What To Do
10. In The Streets
11. UFO
12. Crash