Dolly Mixture "Everything And More" Magenta Single (2022)
Dolly Mixture "Everything And More" Magenta Single (2022)
Optic Nerve Recordings

Dolly Mixture "Everything And More" Magenta Single (2022)

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Details: Dolly Mixture "Everything And More," UK 7" single released and pressed on magenta vinyl by Optic Nerve Recordings, 2022. Very limited, part of the Optic 4.0 reissues series of single releases. New stock. Includes a postcard and poster.

Description: "Dolly Mixture was as instrumental in the founding of indie-pop as Orange Juice and The Pastels. The Cambridge three-piece, comprising bassist/vocalist Debsey Wykes, guitarist Rachel Bor, and drummer Hester Smith released just four singles, an EP, and an album in their six-year life span; but they revealed a remarkable gift for songwriting and a keen sense of adventure and set the template for every female indie band since. The third single from Dolly Mixture is a perfect mod-pop affair. Co-produced by Captain Sensible and originally released on Paul Wellers Respond label."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Everything And More


B1. You And Me On The Sea Shore