Destiny's Child "Destiny Fulfilled" CD Enh (2004)
Destiny's Child "Destiny Fulfilled" CD Enh (2004)
Destiny's Child "Destiny Fulfilled" CD Enh (2004)
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Destiny's Child "Destiny Fulfilled" CD Enh (2004)

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Details: Destiny's Child "Destiny Fulfilled," CD Enhanced (2004), released on Sony/Columbia.  Visible wear on CD, play-tested, cleaned, booklet, and tray card in NM condition.

Description: "...Does Destiny Fulfilled still hold up? The beauty of Destiny’s Child is that they never subscribed to the music techniques and trends we associate with a particular era. There’s no Auto-Tune, no mash-ups, and (largely) no samples. Destiny’s Child relied solely on their voices, those hooks, and beats so sick not even Taylor Swift could sing about them. (Raise your hands if you caught that reference, 1989 fans! Hey guys.) Destiny’s Child evoked the best parts of R&B, soul, and mainstream pop without sounding like a product of the 2000s." - Anne T. Donahue, Vice

Grade: VG/NM (CD/Booklet)


1. Lose My Breath
2. Soldier (feat. Lil' Wayne, T.I.)
3. Cater 2 U
4. T-Shirt
5. Is She The Reason
6. Girl
7. Bad Habit
8. If 
9. Free
10. Through With Love
11. Love