Deee-Lite "World Clique" CD (1990)
Deee-Lite "World Clique" CD (1990)
Deee-Lite "World Clique" CD (1990)
Deee-Lite "World Clique" CD (1990)
Deee-Lite "World Clique" CD (1990)
Elektra Records

Deee-Lite "World Clique" CD (1990)

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Details: Deee-Lite's classic 1990 album, "World Clique," was released on Elektra Records on CD. US pressing. Light wear on previously owned CD. Play-tested (no issues).

Description: "... While two additional LPs followed in 1992 and 1994, World Clique would remain Deee-Lite’s most successful album, largely on the power of “Groove is In the Heart.” (The track was the group’s first of six Dance Club Songs No. 1s and their longest-running on the chart.) With its fusion of funk, ebullient beats, and world rhythms perking up any room in which it was played, the song peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, while also hitting the top 10 in Canada and throughout Europe, first gaining traction in clubs before becoming an essential song of the summer in 1990.

Earning heavy rotation on MTV, the song’s popularity was buoyed by its brightly colored dance party of a video. Inspired by ’60s psychedelia, the group — along with Collins, Q-Tip, and a horde of Soul Train style dancers — appear outfitted in sequins and paisley. And yet for all of its ’60s influence, for all of us ’90s kids who have the video embedded into our frontal lobes, the clip still deeply evokes the feeling of that decade. Thirty years later, the high-vibe messaging of peace, celebration, and world embedded into the music remains timely.

“Well I think dance music is very important, it can be very important,” Miss Lady Kier said in a 1990 interview. “Dance has been around from the beginning of time, as music has been. It’s a way to bring people together and celebrate dreams of better days and better communication through people. We think music can be an international language. It is. And by dancing, that’s a way to communicate as well.”--Billboard

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1. Deee-Lite Theme
2. Good Beat
3. Power Of Love
4. Try Me On... I'm Very You
5. Smile On
6. What Is Love?
7. World Clique
8. E.S.P.
9. Groove Is In The Heart
10. Who Was That?
11. Deep Ending
12. Build The Bridge