Curve “Come Clean” CD (1998)
Curve “Come Clean” CD (1998)
Curve “Come Clean” CD (1998)
Universal Records

Curve “Come Clean” CD (1998)

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Details: Curve's third album released on Universal Records in 1998. Used NM CD.

Description: "Come Clean was the third studio album to be released by the British band Curve following their temporary split in 1994 and reformation in 1996, and their third all-new studio album in all. Musically, the album marked a shift to a style more influenced by electronic and dance music than Curve's earlier records."

"The band went on hiatus for a few years before returning to the fray with the “Pink Girl With the Blues” single in 1996 and this album, a possible bid for mainstream success, with its cleaner, more rock-oriented sound, plainer, upfront vocals, and an edge of noise to many tracks that tempers the aural pleasure. “Chinese Burn” quickens the pulse with a barrage of sound, including siren wails, a marauding beat, slicing industrial noise, rough bass line, whistling and bleeping electronics, and Toni sing-talking in a disdainful, cutting voice. The graceful, polished sweep of “Something Familiar” comes as a relief, with a brooding, softer tone, distorted, but controlled, arcing guitar lines, and Toni sounding more mellow and pensive. The super-cool, suave “Alligators Getting Up” could come from a 1960’s spy film score, with its tingling reverb guitar riff and Toni in femme fatale mode, all aching, smoked-glass allure. “Come Clean”, a short and fast number, is a rock wake-up call with a banging beat, rumbling bass, and riotous vocals. “Recovery” is the morning after, a revelation of slowly building, attenuated keyboard line and Toni’s blunt main vocals contrasting against high, breathy, wordless vocals, until a sudden blasting loop of excoriating, but cathartic guitars whips up and continuously pushes forward, scouring away what has come before." - Jen Dan on "Come Clean" (for Big Takeover)

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1. Chinese Burn
2. Coming Up Roses
3. Something Familiar
4. Dog Bone
5. Alligators Getting Up
6. Dirty High
7. Killer Baby
8. Sweetback
9. Forgotten Sanity
10. Cotton Candy
11. Beyond Reach
12. Come Clean
13. Recovery