Cowsills “We Can Fly” LP (1968)
Cowsills “We Can Fly” LP (1968)
Cowsills “We Can Fly” LP (1968)
Cowsills “We Can Fly” LP (1968)
Cowsills “We Can Fly” LP (1968)
Cowsills “We Can Fly” LP (1968)
MGM Records

Cowsills “We Can Fly” LP (1968)

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Details: Stereo press of the Cowsills third album, “We Can Fly” (MGM, 1968). Record sounds/looks new and enclosed in album is a fan letter! Cover is VG only wear along opening, edges, corners and ring wear.

Description: “The clan in 1968 made a huge step toward a post-bubblegum musical identity with one of the most classic undeserved cut-out bin consignees ever - their third album We Can Fly. This album, in retrospect, is a certainly flawed but ambitious and even thrilling crystallization of exactly the kind of lush, orchestrated late '60s pop-rock that The Beach Boys achieved two years earlier with Pet Sounds. But except for the one Kornfeld/Duboff holdover syrupy confection - the title tune, which reached No. 21 on the charts - for the most part, this was the first time the "big two" Cowsill brothers Bill (guitar/lead vocals) and Bob (keyboards/vocals), had done much of the songwriting themselves. And, to me, at least, listening to it again for the first time in many years, it's a revelation.

This album could have invented the whole concept of the "bin dive" since MGM sensed it was going to flop right away and sent their stock straight to cheapo racks. But I think it's in the same league as Pet Sounds as far as amazingly tight pop harmonies being spread out over a wide range of emotions, from the downright dirge-y "A Time for Remembrance" (which was on the flip of the super-sunny "We Can Fly" single - not a good pairing) to the funny, music business parody song "Mister Flynn," this album is pure pop genius.”—Beachwood Reporter

Grade: VG (Cover) / NM (Record)


A1. We Can Fly
A2. Gray, Sunny Day
A3. Heaven Held
A4. A Time For Remembrance 
A5. Gotta Get Away From It All
A6. What Is Happy?


B1. In Need Of A Friend
B2. Yesterday’s Girl
B3. Beautiful Beige
B4. Mister Flynn
B5. One Man Show