Cowboy Junkies, "Whites Off Earth Now!!!" LP (1986). Front cover image. Canadian experimental pop and shoegaze.
Cowboy Junkies, "Whites Off Earth Now!!!" LP (1986). Back cover image. Canadian experimental pop and shoegaze.
Cowboy Junkies, "Whites Off Earth Now!!!" LP (1986). Record label sticker image. Canadian experimental pop and shoegaze.
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Cowboy Junkies "Whites Off Earth Now!!" LP (1986)

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Details: First press! Great find—Canadian pressing. Awesome condition!

Description: “Whites Off Earth Now!! is a 1986 studio album by Cowboy Junkies. It was the band's debut album, and is composed almost entirely of rock and blues covers. Only one song, "Take Me", is an original song by the band.The Cowboy Junkies formed as a band when Michael Timmins and Alan Anton returned to Canada from England in 1985 and started assembling a new band and a new sound. They rented a house on 547 Crawford Street in Toronto and insulated the garage to form their own rehearsal space, later referred to as Studio 547. They recruited Michael's younger brother Pete Timmins for drums and started exploring new sounds, drawing improvisation from jazz musicians Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, and John Coltrane while applying the sound to the early blues of Lightnin' Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, Bukka White, and Robert Johnson. They initially recruited Michael's older brother John, but he left before the group coalesced. Instead, they recruited Michael's younger sister, Margo, who was working as a social worker and not interested in pursuing music and was considering going to graduate school. The musicians developed their languid tempos and whispery tones of their early works by necessity. Their rehearsal space bordered right on their neighbors, and during their first jam session, the neighbors called the police complaining about the noise. The band toned down their sound, and Margo realized that her voice was more effective when sung quietly. The musicians felt if they could get under her quiet voice, the sound was more effective. Pete started using brushes for his drum work, learning to play drums as they went. The band learned to play with less volume.”

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  1. Shining Moon

  2. State Trooper

  3. Me And The Devil

  4. Decoration Day

  5. Baby Please Don’t Go


  1. I’ll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive

  2. Take Me

  3. Forgive Me

  4. Crossroads