Cookie Crew, "Fade To Black" LP (1991)
Cookie Crew, "Fade To Black" LP (1991)
Cookie Crew, "Fade To Black" LP (1991)
FFRR Records

Cookie Crew, "Fade To Black" LP (1991)

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Details: This is the UK press of Cookie Crew's second 1991 album "Fade to Black" LP on FFRR (Full Frequency Range Recordings, the UK branch of London Records). Both their first album "Born This Way!" and this (their final) album, are amazing and these songs are more relevant and just as fresh as they ever were! Features DJ Susie Q and Debbie "MC Remedee" Pryce.

Description: "This is the Clapham, South London, House-Rap and Hip-Hop album titled, "Fade To Black" by the female MC's named, "Cookie Crew". This album contains production by Phil Bodger for Slam Jam Productions, Dave Rorrell & CJ Mackintosh, Daddy-O of "Stetsasonic," Dazzle, Black Sheep, DJ Premier & Guru for Gang Starr Productions, Phil Chill, Nicole Miller for "Nikke Does It Better Productions," and K-Cut of the group "Main Source" for Scratch 'N' Source Productions."

"The Cookie Crew gained recognition in 1987 when they appeared on the first-ever hip-house track 'Rok Da House' with the Beatmasters. They were a borderline commercial rap group, that gained respect from the hardcore hip hop heads for some of their harder tracks. Releasing two albums and many singles they are one of the most successful UK rap acts, who also gained recognition in the States. Some tracks on their second album 'Fade To Black' were produced by some of the top names in hip hop at the time, like Black SheepDJ Premier, and Daddy-O."

Grade: NM (Cover) / NM (Record)


1. Secrets (Of Success)
2. Love Will Bring Us Together
3. Fade To Black
4. Mysteries
5. The Powers Of Positive Thinking
6. Mental Maniac


1. Watch The Cookies Crumble 'Em
2. Going Freestyle
3. A Word To The Conscious
4. How Long (Has This Been Going On)
5. Here We Go
6. Like Brother Like Sister