Collate "Medicine" Single (2021)
Collate "Medicine" Single (2021)
Domestic Departure

Collate "Medicine" Single (2021)

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Details: Collate "Medicine" Single (2021, Domestic Departure Records). New stock, black vinyl, gorgeous Riso-print cover, 500 pressed!

Description: “Blame COVID for why there’s not a new COLLATE LP primed and ready to sit on your turntable. Still, the Portland trio does us a solid with a short but effective single. “Medicine” is begging to get a sweaty DIY dive packed with awkward weirdos grooving in something close to tandem. COLLATE doesn’t shirk on the ass-shaking aspect of post-punk nor do they let up on the jagged guitar or the eternally cool call-and-response vocals. This shit smokes, call the FIRE ENGINES! “Genesis Fatigue” is even rowdier and could have landed on any number of killer art-punk comps from 1981 and held its own in such hallowed company. Furthermore, as with all Domestic Departure output, this single looks fab.."--MAXIMUMROCKNROLL

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Medicine


B1. Genesis Fatigue