Chastity Belt "Live Laugh Love" CD/Cloudy LP (2024)
Chastity Belt "Live Laugh Love" CD/Cloudy LP (2024)
Chastity Belt "Live Laugh Love" CD/Cloudy LP (2024)
Chastity Belt "Live Laugh Love" CD/Cloudy LP (2024)
Chastity Belt "Live Laugh Love" CD/Cloudy LP (2024)
Chastity Belt "Live Laugh Love" CD/Cloudy LP (2024)
Suicide Squeeze

Chastity Belt "Live Laugh Love" CD/Cloudy LP (2024)

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Details: Chastity Belt "Live Laugh Love" CD or Cloudy LP variants (2024, Suicide Squeeze Records). New stock, sealed.

Description: "Live Laugh Love finds the members in their prime as musicians. Their parts trace intricate patterns over one another, but there’s room to breathe between the layers. Everyone contributes to the writing, sometimes switching instruments, and for the first time, all four members sing a song. It’s never been more apparent that they are creative siblings, cut from the same belt. “We’ve been playing music with each other for over a decade,” says Shapiro, “so it really does feel like we’re all fluent in the same language, and a lot of it just happens naturally.”

“Laugh” seeks in the balm of friendship, aware of the anticipatory nostalgia that hits during a good time that you’re already missing before it’s gone; the heavier guitar tones on “Chemtrails” streak ominous chord progressions over Grimm’s precision timekeeping, lamenting memories that won’t fade easily. During a transitional time, Truscott came across a note in their phone that read, “it's not hard all day, just sometimes,” which inspired a poignant line in the chorus of “Kool-Aid,” their first song as lead vocalist on a Chastity Belt recording. Another standout, “I-90 Bridge” shines with a silvery melody that soars as Lund belts one of the most resounding moments on the album: “Tell your girlfriend she’s got nothing to fear/I’m set in my head/My body’s a different story.” The track “Blue” saunters nonchalantly with a wink; you can almost hear Shapiro’s smile as she sings “Faking it big time/So I can hit my stride/Man, it feels good to be alive,” channeling early Chastity Belt channeling early ’90s before channeling the late Elliott Smith in a spiral of distortion and insight: “Don’t get upset about it/It’s gonna pass/Tell all your friends about it/They’re gonna laugh.”

“We have such a strong sense of each other’s musical inclinations” says Lund. “I think this allows for a lot of playfulness…we can kinda surprise each other, like a good punchline would.”

Grade: M (new stock)


01. Hollow
02. Funny
03. Clumsy
04. It's Cool
05. Kool-Aid
06. Chemtrails
07. Blue
08. Tethered
09. I-90 Bridge
10. Laugh
11. Like That