Bush Tetras “Rituals” 12” EP (1981)
Bush Tetras “Rituals” 12” EP (1981)
Bush Tetras “Rituals” 12” EP (1981)
Stiff Records

Bush Tetras “Rituals” 12” EP (1981)

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Details: Bush Tetras "Rituals" 12" EP (Stiff Records, 1981). Record is in great condition, cover has edge/corner and light-bending/ring wear. See images for more.

Description: “In New York in the late ’70s & early ’80s, the Bush Tetras blazed brightly in the sweaty clubs of the Lower East Side, playing music that was a blend of funk rhythms and dissonant guitar riffs. Lead guitarist Pat Place had been the original guitarist and one of the founding members of the No Wave band The Contortions. With the Bush Tetras, she continued to pursue some of the musical ideas she had explored in that band, themes of driving rhythm and nihilistic trance…hypnotic, tribal, and dirty. Together with vocalist Cynthia Sley, they produced the most distinctive aspects of the Tetras' sound. Sley’s half-spoken, half-sung vocals, often repeating simple phrases over and over again, creating a hypnotic monotony similar to Place’s guitar rhythms. The Bush Tetras toured with the Clash and struck up a friendship with Topper Headon that lead to his producing this, the Rituals ep on Stiff Records in 1981. The Bush Tetras on Rituals were: Cynthia Sley – vocals; Pat Place – guitar; Laura Kennedy – bass; & Dee Pop – drums. …”

Grade: NM (Record) / VG (Cover)


A1. Rhythm: Can't Be Funky
A2. Funky Version*


B1. Cowboys In Africa
B2. Rituals