Boo Radleys "Wake Up!" Promo CD (1995)
Boo Radleys "Wake Up!" Promo CD (1995)
Boo Radleys "Wake Up!" Promo CD (1995)
Columbia Records

Boo Radleys "Wake Up!" Promo CD (1995)

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Details: Used CD of The Boo Radley's "Wake Up!" released in 1995. This is a US-press on Columbia Records, as a promo CD. Hole punch on the UPC (see images). Pristine condition.

Description: "Wake Up! is the fourth album by British alternative rock band The Boo Radleys, released by Creation Records in 1995. 

Although the band had received critical acclaim with their previous album, Giant Steps, Wake Up! was their first true commercial success, reaching number one in the UK album charts. This was due in large part to two factors: the emergence of Britpop as a driving force in mid-1990s British music, and a Top 10 single, "Wake Up Boo!".

Two further singles were released from the album: "Find The Answer Within" (with two versions available, one an early fade of the album version, the other a remix by The High Llamas) and "It's Lulu". Both reached the UK Top 40 but were unable to repeat the popularity of "Wake Up Boo!". "Wake Up Boo!" was ranked at number 67 on Spin's "The 95 Best Alternative Rock Songs of 1995" list."

Grade: NM (cover) / NM (CD)


1. Wake Up Boo!
2. Fairfax Scene
3. It's Lulu
4. Joel
5. Find The Answer Within
6. Reaching Out From Here
7. Martin, Doom! It's Seven O'Clock
8. Stuck On Amber
9. Charles Bukowski Is Dead
10. 4AM Conversation
11. Twinside
12. Wilder