BMX Banditos (BMX Bandits) "C86" (RSD 2020)
Glass Modern

BMX Banditos (BMX Bandits) "C86" (RSD 2020)

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Details: New sealed copy of "C86" by BMX Bandits (Glasgow, Scotland). White vinyl reissue of the 1990 release on Glass Modern (US press for RSD 2020). All tracks recorded at Pet Sounds in 1989 and produced by Ted Blakeway and BMX Bandits except for "Your Class," recorded at CAVA and produced by Gordon Rintoul and BMX Bandits. "Disco Girl II" recorded at home by Eden, and "Yo Yo Song" recorded at home in 1969 by Duglas T. Stewart. Cover design by Duglas T. Stewart. "

"Recorded around the same time as TFC's 'A Catholic Education'. BMX Bandits were formed in 1985 by songwriter and lead vocalist Duglas T Stewart out of the ashes of The Pretty Flowers, a short-lived group that featured Stewart alongside Frances McKee (The Vaselines), Sean Dickson (The Soup Dragons) and Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub). Starting with the exuberant E102 in 1986, BMX Bandits released a series of singles on Stephen Pastels' 53rd & 3rd label, where they were label mates with The Vaselines and Beat Happening. Later they joined Alan McGee's Creation Records. BMX Bandits released three albums on Creation." --Monorail Music

Description: “If I could be in any other band, it would be BMX Bandits.” - Kurt Cobain

Unrelenting, unequaled, and wholly essential. The 1989 debut studio masterwork by the influential BMX Bandits returns for the first time on vinyl since 1990. An epic RSD treat for those seeking quality. C86 has become a cult of its own brilliance, a record that deserves a celebration thirty-years after its initial release.

The Scottish BMX Bandits’ have a refined sound that exists somewhere between the Pixies and  The LAs. Melodic attacks with swagger, mixing power pop, punk, and alternative rock. All these cohesive styles while remaining in a mode of emotion, with an edge of menace even at their most reflective. A gathering of vicious melodic work against pounding drums, a zeitgeist for grunge, Britpop, and all the came after. 

BMX Bandits came together in 1985, led by the ambition of songwriter, and lead vocalist Duglas T Stewart from the remains of The Pretty Flowers. Joined by Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake, and Francis MacDonald. C86 was recorded around the same time as the TFC’s A Catholic Education. Two albums that have become recognized as legendary outings, intertwined by a creative prowess that remains stylishly realized three decades later.

Across the twelve tracks BMX Bandits let loose with a driving rhythm, as the melancholic voice of Duglas T Stewart draws the listener in. On playback C86 is still as fresh sounding as ever, not suffering from aging. Tracks such as “Disco Girl”, “Right Across The Street” and “Top Shop Girl” sparkle with instrumentation and dreamy vocals. Whilst ths haunting depth of “Rimbaud & Me” becomes poignantly painful with an optimism pulled from the abyss. This is a pisce of work for lovers of music regardless of genre." - Kevin Burke, The Big Takeover

Grade: M (new/sealed)


A1. Right Across The Street
A2.Top Shop Girl
A3. Rimbaud And Me
A4. Yo Yo Song
A5. Disco Girl
A6. Disco Daze
A7. Your Class
A8. Disco Girl II


B1. Whirlpool
B2. C86
B3. On Somedays
B4. But Tonight
B5. Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide
B6. Heaven's Daughter