Björk "Post" CD (1995)
Björk "Post" CD (1995)
Björk "Post" CD (1995)
Björk "Post" CD (1995)
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Björk "Post" CD (1995)

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Details: Björk's second studio album, released in June 1995 on Elektra. Visible light wear on CD, playtested/no issues.

Description: "... With Post, Björk set the bionic foundation for one of the most consequential careers in pop history. Here is where Björk became a perennial gateway drug, not to one sound but to the unknown, which is to say the future. She would soon leave London for the south of Spain and then New York, recording her two towering masterpieces—1997’s Homogenic, which Missy Elliott once gleefully likened to “Mozart at a rap show,” and the introverted microbeats of 2001’s Vespertine—crystallizing the totality of her vision. What other artist could successively collaborate with Wu-Tang Clan, interview Estonian minimalist legend Arvo Pärt, and appear on “MTV Unplugged” accompanied by a man playing a table of drinking glasses? In another era, maybe Bowie, which is just right—it was Bowie, after all, who inspired Björk’s immortal swan dress. By the end of the ’90s, the world would know the only answer: Björk."--Jenn Pelly, Pitchfork

Grade: NM (Cover) / VG/VG+ (CD)


1. Army Of Me
2. Hyper-Ballad
3. The Modern Things
4. It's Oh So Quiet
5. Enjoy
6. You've Been Flirting Again
7. Isobel
8. Possibly Maybe
9. I Miss You
10. Cover Me
11. Headphones