Best Coast “Fade Away” CD Digipak (2013)
Best Coast “Fade Away” CD Digipak (2013)
Best Coast “Fade Away” CD Digipak (2013)
Best Coast “Fade Away” CD Digipak (2013)
Jewel City Records

Best Coast “Fade Away” CD Digipak (2013)

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Details: Shelf-wear/edge wear, light wear on digipak cover. See images. Mini-EP released on Jewel City in 2013.

Description: “On this seven-song EP, Bethany Cosentino combines the sundown power-pop buzz of Best Coast’s 2010 debut with the Hulk-hug melodies and emotional gravity of last year’s The Only Place to make for something masterfully archetypal but utterly her own. The EP was inspired by Patsy Cline, Mazzy Star, My Bloody Valentine and Ambien – four great tastes that go great together, as the set fades from bubblegum rush to torchy shoegaze, and Cosentino peels off lyrics that cut to the heart of romantic torment and psychological torpor. “I’m waking up to strangers with their shadows on my face,” she sings. What she’s become is a dream-pop superhero.”—

Grade: VG+ (Cover/CD)


1. This Lonely Morning
2. I Wanna Know
3. Who Have I Become?
4. Fear Of My Identity 
5. Fade Away
6. Baby I’m Crying 
7.  I Don’t Know How