Best Coast “Always Tomorrow” LP (2020)
Best Coast “Always Tomorrow” LP (2020)
Best Coast “Always Tomorrow” LP (2020)
Concord Records

Best Coast “Always Tomorrow” LP (2020)

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Details: New stock, sealed. Gatefold cover, black vinyl variant, “Always Tomorrow,” LP by Best Coast released on Concord Records, 2020.

Description: “Best Coast is the duo of IS Bethany Consentino and Bobb Bruno, who formed in Los Angeles, CA, in 2009. 

One of the most enduring bands of the “buzz” era, their 2010 debut Crazy For You was an unexpected success that paved the way for the many 60's girl group-inspired rock acts we hear today. Their beginnings were lo-fi by both circumstance and choice, but their sound and songwriting has continued to mature and develop as heard on their sophomore album The Only Place and 2015’s California Nights.

Success aside, Cosentino has had a difficult time of the last decade, finding herself mired in a years-long writer's block. She explains the impetus behind Always Tomorrow as: “This album is about leaving the darkness for the light, but still understanding that nothing is ever going to be perfect. It’s an album about attempting to fix your broken patterns and learning to get out of your own way. It’s about burning it all down and starting from scratch even when the idea of that is fucking terrifying.“ “Different Light” begins the disc with immediate post-punk chords and neat vocal lines, driving rhythms and guitar stabs. “For The First Time,” bears a strong new wave influence in the instrumentation, neat bass and layers of jubilant keys. “Used to Be,” ends the disc on a wistful note, guitar squall slowly fading to silence. “I still fail at times, but I’m less afraid of failing than ever before. This record is the story of a second chance.” This album is pressed on black vinyl, and arrives in a gatefold jacket and printed inner.“

Grade: M (New stock, sealed)


A1. Different Light
A2. Everything Has Changed
A3. For The First Time
A4. Graceless Kids
A5. Wreckage
A6. Rollercoaster


B7. Master of My Own Mind
B8. True
B9. Seeing Red
B10. Make It Last
B11. Used To Be