Barbara Manning “Charm of Yesterday…Convenience of Tomorrow” CD (2023)
Barbara Manning “Charm of Yesterday…Convenience of Tomorrow” CD (2023)
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Barbara Manning “Charm of Yesterday…Convenience of Tomorrow” CD (2023)

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Details: Barbara Manning “Charm of Yesterday…Convenience of Tomorrow” Digipak CD (2023, Ba Da Bing Records). New stock, sealed. Pre-order. Available December 8th, 2023.

Description: “Her best work outshines those of her bigger-selling peers. Manning's artistic restlessness and her tendency to jump in and out of bands and recording situations makes it difficult to follow her career -- her discography must be one of the most confusing in all of the '90s indie scene -- but it also makes her one of the most vital and interesting singer/songwriters of her era." - Stewart Mason, All Music Guide

Maybe everything has been going to such shit lately because Barbara Manning has been hibernating. A Matador Records mainstay and pivotal indie-rock pioneer of the nineties, Manning has continually written material that matches the quality of the many songs she covers. Both as a performer and a listener, Barbara Manning is a passionate lifer. While her music is compact and succinct, it is steeped in multitudes of genre periods and styles. From SF Seals to her work with Stuart Moxham (Young Marble Giants) to The Go-Luckys, every collaboration carries her genius melodies and lyricism. In a four minute catchy song, Manning can communicate what others require novels to express. Her fans include Yo La Tengo, The Clean, Sonic Youth, Tall Dwarfs, Pavement, Calexico, The Replacements, and even Faust (don’t forget her prolific work as half of free-sound stalwarts Glands of External Secretion.)

With an upcoming tour joining Codeine, Manning felt the time was right for something new. Thus, Charm of Yesterday…Convenience of Tomorrow. It compiles a few different periods. Chico Daze is a song cycle that absorbed the dark times and experiences she had in Northern California through the 2010s. The Porch Series cover songs were Manning’s antidote to pandemic madness, and features the music by Elliott Smith, Edgar Winter, Richard & Linda Thompson, Galaxie 500, Bob Dylan and The Handsome Family.

Now situated near Los Angeles, where she works as a drama teacher, Manning has been playing live again and recording, channeling her innate sense of theatricality and dynamics into this new musical era. Charm of Yesterday…Convenience of Tomorrow heralds a new phase of releases for an iconic, legendary artist set to reintroduce herself and show how beautiful songwriting flames eternal.”

Grade: M (new stock)


1. Don't Hold Back
2. Reverse Disguise
3. I'm Running
4. Twilight (Elliott Smith)
5. How Did You Know
6. Dying To Live (Edgar Winter)
7. Better By Bounds
8. Tape You To A Star
9. Temperature's Rising (Galaxie 500)
10. A Mountain
11. Lay Down Your Weary Tune, Lay Down (Bob Dylan)
12. Wishes Don't Tie You Down
13. Why, Why Won't You Love Me Back
14. Heat
15. A Heart Needs A Home (Richard & Linda Thompson)
16. So Much Wine (The Handsome Family)