Bananarama, "Rough Justice" Single (1984). Front cover image. Pop, rock, synth-pop.
Bananarama, "Rough Justice" Single (1984). Back cover image. Pop, rock, synth-pop.
Bananarama, "Rough Justice" Single (1984). Silver-injection record label image. Pop, rock, synth-pop.
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Bananarama "Rough Justice" Single (1984)

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Details: Used 7" record with silver-injection labels. Rough Justice was a catchily written but topical song to address World hunger and poverty (however, with 'mixed' chart and messaging results). The contrast in the upbeat synth-pop backing track, "Live Now" fared well also, but their top singles from this self-titled album were of course "Cruel Summer" and "Robert DeNiro's Waiting...". 

Description: "Reviewed at the time of release, Creem said the album had a "misty feeling that's almost nostalgic. Women don't sing like this anymore, with this kind of sighing regret. The album has curves, not edges, and it's got a texture you can float on, a shine like "Don't Worry Baby" without the harmonic intricacy. With their waif-like, wafer-thin pipes, Keren, Siobhan, and Sarah sound dazed, as though someone roused them from sleep and stuck them behind a mike."

Grade: VG+ (cover) / NM (record)

Tracklisting Side A:

1. Rough Justice

Tracklisting Side B:

1. Live Now