Bad Daddies "You Ain't Right" Single (2014)
Bad Daddies "You Ain't Right" Single (2014)
Bad Daddies "You Ain't Right" Single (2014)
Negative Fun Records

Bad Daddies "You Ain't Right" Single (2014)

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Details: Bad Daddies released this fast and furious four-track heavy-punk single on Negative Fun Records (part of the Negative Fun singles series) in 2014. New stock, near mint item. Bay Area punk four-piece led by lead singer Camylle Reynolds (also, of Midnite Snaxxx). Limited to 200 pressed on black vinyl, #35.

Description: "The Bay Area's snot punk attack force BAD DADDIES in full effect. Camylle will make your brains bleed using just her vocal chords and you better submit you weak willed wimp! A total frenzy of guitars falling apart and trying to put themselves back together."--MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL

"Super scrappy femme-fronted punk. Bratty and loose, like Riot Grrrl on drugs."--Razorcake

"The East Bay's very own Bad Daddies have something new to bring to the table: a new 7-inch brought to you by Negative Fun Records. As part of the label's 2014 Subscription Singles Club, the release rips through its four songs with intensity and vigor. The lead singer Camylle's roaring vocals are backed by an endless onslaught of distorted, feedback laden instrumentals in this four-song EP. Case in point: the opening track, "You Ain't Right"."--Erin Dage, The Bay Bridged

 "Hailing from Northern California, BAD DADDIES are a remarkable Punk band. Abrasive blasts of budget hardcore punk! Screeching guitar dissonance and maniacal vocals backed by fist-pumping, circle pit tempos"

Grade: NM (Record/Sleeve)


A1. You Ain't Right


B1. Teenage Hell
B2. I Don't 
B3. Head On A Rail