B-52's "Wild Planet" LP (1980)
B-52's "Wild Planet" LP (1980)
B-52's "Wild Planet" LP (1980)
B-52's "Wild Planet" LP (1980)
B-52's "Wild Planet" LP (1980)
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B-52's "Wild Planet" LP (1980)

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Details: Winchester pressing. Record cover and insert is in fantastic VG+/NM condition. Lovely condition record and cover, includes original green paw print record (inner) sleeve. Small split near top/bottom middle of inner paper where record hit. Record stored outside of sleeve in a non-static sleeve. Very minimal wear on cover except bottom left corner.

Description: "Conventional wisdom has it that all the B-52's' subsequent releases are highly inferior to their debut. While Wild Planet is not the rarefied wonder their first platter is, it's still darn good. The songs here are generally faster, tighter, and punchier than previously, though production values are not as wonderfully quirky and detailed; fewer songs here are as over-the-top crazy as the first album's "Rock Lobster" or "52 Girls." These formless selections continue to exhibit a cunning mix of girl group, garage band, surf, and television theme song influences, all propelled along by an itchy dance beat. "Give Me Back My Man" allows Cindy Wilson a unique opportunity to croon a broad, expressive melodic line. Fred Schneider parades his inimitably nervous vocals on chucklesome ditties like "Quiche Lorraine" and "Strobe Light." The best songs here are "Private Idaho," a wonderfully jittery number that employs a variant on the famous melodic snippet from the Twilight Zone theme music, and "Devil in My Car," a delightfully loopy hoot that lays the craziness on very thickly. Performances and sound quality are fine. This album is well worth hearing and recommended." - AllMusic

Grade: VG+/NM (Cover/Record)


A1. Party Out Of Bounds
A2. Dirty Back Road
A3. Runnin' Around
A4. Give Me Back My Man
A5. Private Idaho


B1. Devil In My Car
B2. Quiche Lorraine
B3. Strobe Light
B4. 53 Miles West Of Venus