B-52’s “Cosmic Thing” CS (1989)
B-52’s “Cosmic Thing” CS (1989)
B-52’s “Cosmic Thing” CS (1989)
B-52’s “Cosmic Thing” CS (1989)
B-52’s “Cosmic Thing” CS (1989)
B-52’s “Cosmic Thing” CS (1989)
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B-52’s “Cosmic Thing” CS (1989)

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Details: “Cosmic Thing” is the fifth studio album by new wave band the B-52's, released in 1989. It contains the singles "Love Shack" and "Roam". CS shows wear and cassette pad printing looks worn but cassette sounds great!

Description:Many observers were prepared to write off the B-52's after the release of Bouncing Off the Satellites. Granted, the album was completed in the wake of Ricky Wilson's death, but the group appeared bereft of new musical ideas and were sounding rather stale. In other words, the last thing anyone expected was a first-class return to form, which is what they got with Cosmic Thing. Working with producers Don Was and Nile Rodgers, the B-52'supdated their sound with shiny new surfaces and deep, funky grooves -- it was the same basic pattern as before, only refurbished and contemporized. Just as importantly, they had their best set of songs since at least Wild Planet, possibly since their debut. "Cosmic Thing" and "Channel Z" were great up-tempo rockers; "Roam" had a groovy beat blessed with a great Cindy Wilson vocal; and "Deadbeat Club" was one of their rare successful reflective numbers. Then there was "Love Shack," an irresistible dance number with delightfully silly lyrics and hooks as big as a whale that unbelievably gave the group a long-awaited Top Ten hit. The thing is, Cosmic Thing would already have been considered a triumphant return without its commercial success. The big sales were just the icing on the cake.”—Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AllMusic

Grade: VG (Sleeve) / VG+ (CS)


A1. Cosmic Thing
A2. Dry Country
A3. Deadbeat Club
A4. Love Shack 
A5. Junebug


B1. Roam
B2. Bushfire 
B3. Channel Z
B4. Topaz
B5. Follow Your Bliss