Attia Taylor "Space Ghost" Pink LP (2022)
Attia Taylor "Space Ghost" Pink LP (2022)
Lame-O/Run For Cover

Attia Taylor "Space Ghost" Pink LP (2022)

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Details: Pink vinyl variant of Attia Taylor's full-length album, "Space Ghost," released on Lame-O Records, 2022. New stock, sealed.

Description: "Fan club bundled come with the limited edition glow-in-the-dark vinyl variant, as well as a pre-loved copy of one of Attia's favorite books with a personal handwritten inscription inside the cover.

Space Ghost is the debut solo album from singer-songwriter and activist, Attia Taylor. Named after the star of Hannah-Barbera’s surreal and absurdist cartoon talk show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, the album calls upon the wonder and trauma of childhood to animate songs of discovery and healing. Gorgeous tunes like “Basic Economics” “Dog And Pony Show” and “Wanderer” are awash in psychedelic textures and soaring vocal harmonies. Space Ghost closes with “Alone”, a harrowing and poetic meditation on violence and vulnerability. Supported by a lush sonic backdrop, Taylor’s voice carries us through a maze of pain and self-doubt:

“Broken teeth.
Broken jaw.
Broken nose.
And my radiator went.

It’s harder than it looks.
But maybe I’m selfish
Because I’m alone
And this could be dealt with by fireworks.”

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Seventy
A2. Mildest Winner
A3. Basic Economics
A4. Space Ghost
A5. Broad and Cherry


B1. Dog and Pony Show
B2. Baby Ain't Nobody
B3. Wanna Go
B4. Wanderer
B5. Alone