Andy Votel "Return Of The Spooky Driver" Single (2000)
Andy Votel "Return Of The Spooky Driver" Single (2000)
Andy Votel "Return Of The Spooky Driver" Single (2000)
Twisted Nerve

Andy Votel "Return Of The Spooky Driver" Single (2000)

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Details: Single (used) of Andy Votel "Return Of The Spooky Driver," backed with "Girl On A Go-Ped." This is a fun mash of rock, synth, and electronic music in a collaboration with artist and partner, Jane Weaver. Released on Votel's label (co-founded with Badly Drawn Boy's Damon Gough), Twisted Nerve, in 2000. Side One is instrumental and Side Two features vocals by Weaver. Unlisted, but, both tracks play at 45RPM. Both tracks also appeared on Votel's album, "Styles Of The Unexpected," also released in 2000, on XL Recordings. Cover art for the single was designed by Votel, as well. Votel has worked with artists ranging from Broadcast, Badly Drawn Boy, to Jane Weaver, among many others.

Description: "... a sweet, melodious mix of jazz, post-rock, electronica, and little sonic flourishes. Plenty of samples, but so subtle they're hard to unearth. "Return of the Spooky Driver" briefly breaks into a guitar rhythm that is almost insanely catchy, but it soon dies away into alien blips once more."

"... Votel knows his beats but avoids any conventional styles to create one of his own. Using spooky keyboards and plenty of echoes, à la Broadcast (whom he has remixed), he makes some really interesting music. "Girl On A GoPed," with his girlfriend, Jane Weaver, on vocals, is a laid-back, U.N.K.L.E.-esque floater that brings Marianne Faithfull on her scooter to mind. "Return Of The Spooky Driver" is a sequel to a track he did with BDB, but sounds more like Add N To (X)... " Cam Lindsay, Exclaim!

Grade: VG++/NM (Record/Cover)


A1. Return Of The Spooky Driver


B1. Girl On A Go-Ped