American Girls "American Girls" Promo LP (1986)
American Girls "American Girls" Promo LP (1986)
American Girls "American Girls" Promo LP (1986)
I.R.S. Records

American Girls "American Girls" Promo LP (1986)

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Details: This is a US used promo copy of the brief and sole studio/demo debut album of I.R.S. signed band, "American Girls," released in 1986. They were constantly compared to the Go-Go's also on I.R.S. which was likely frustrating. Both Brie 'Darling' (Fanny) and Miiko Watanabe (Screamin' Sirens) were featured members. They disbanded after this release and went on to form other projects, and member Hilary Shepard went on to star in movies and episodes for the Power Rangers franchise, as well as television shows like Star Trek and Full House. Talk about a deep '80s cut!

Brie Howard-Darling is the most currently successful and active ex-member of this band and went on to further acclaim and currently plays music to this day. Last year Brie Howard-Darling and ex-the Runaways Cherie Currie co-released the glam-tinged pop-rock album, "The Motivator." Even though this American Girls was short-lived, we're sure this point in time was more pivotal to their next moves in moving past it.

Description: "American Girls were an American all-female band based in California, United States. American Girls originally started as a film project, which fizzled. After some personnel changes and more rehearsing, the band sustained many comparisons to the Go-Go's, who were popular at the time as well as signed to the same label, IRS Records. However, American Girls featured veterans of the all-women band scene including Brie Howard who had played drums for Fanny and Miiko Watanabe who played bass with the Screamin' Sirens. They recorded one album only, which was intended as a demo but was pressed to vinyl in its original form. The eponymous debut album was released in March 1986. The cover shows the band in a hotel room, with alcohol, a deck of cards, and a copy of the National Enquirer. The video for their single "American Girl" received some airplay on MTV. Their song "Androgynous" appeared in the 1986 film Tough Guys and the song "American Girl" appeared on the soundtrack for Out of Bounds. They also opened for The Lords of the New Church on 1986 tour dates.

Miles Copeland III (brother of the Police's Stewart Copeland) was the band's manager."

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1. American Girl
2. Androgynous
3. One Last Prayer
4. Stay With Me
5. Out On My Own


1. Goodybe, Amen
2. Blind Ambition
3. Take The Night
4. Sharkskin Suit
5. Practice What You Preach