Waxahatchee "Great Thunder" LP EP (2018)
Waxahatchee "Great Thunder" LP EP (2018)
Waxahatchee "Great Thunder" LP EP (2018)
Merge Records

Waxahatchee "Great Thunder" LP EP (2018)

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Details: Waxahatchee's 2018 EP pressed on vinyl with Merge Records featuring the earlier work of Katie Crutchfield's side-project "Great Thunder" (rerecorded/recreated). 

Description: "Katie Crutchfield revisits six songs originally released with her long-dormant studio project Great Thunder. Unearthed, reimagined, and rerecorded solo with producer Brad Cook."

"If you feel the slightest bit of whiplash listening to these tracks on the heels of Crutchfield’s latest album, last year’s remarkable Out in the Storm, you aren’t alone. That release made a case for her skill as a rock bandleader; it found her crashing through the end of a relationship with live-wire energy and a herd of brash electric guitars. She has acknowledged the disconnect between her two most recent releases, calling Great Thunder “a complete 180” from Out in the Storm. Presumably, this paring down is not a permanent stylistic shift so much as a creative exercise —a chance for Crutchfield to revisit the simple roots of her songwriting practice. In its completion, she has demonstrated just how few colors she needs to paint vividly." - Pitchfork, Olivia Horn

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A1. Singer's No Star
A2. You're Welcome
A3. Chapel Of Pines
A4. You Left Me With An Ocean
A5. Slow You Down
A6. Takes So Much


B1. Singers No Star
B2. You're Welcome
B3. Chapel Of Pines
B4. You Left Me With An Ocean
B5. Slow You Down
B6. Takes So Much