Ben Passmore "Your Black Friend" Zine (2016)
Ben Passmore "Your Black Friend" Zine (2016)
Ben Passmore "Your Black Friend" Zine (2016)
Silver Sprocket

Ben Passmore "Your Black Friend" Zine (2016)

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Details: Ben Passmore, "Your Black Friend," a short comic zine published by Silver Sprocket, 2016. SC, 12 full-color pages, 5.5" x 8.5" SILVER #66. New stock.

Description: "Ben Passmore's short comic zine is a critical contribution to the dialogue discussing race in the U.S. It's almost like a letter from your black friend directly to you, about race, racism, friendship, and alienation. The book version also includes a broader collection of Passmore's comics about, as he writes in the intro, "how to be dangerous, how to be a failure, and how to laugh in the face of a world that wants to crush us. Most of all this collection is about how to be a funny dangerous failure. And we all fail, homies, it's okay. We just have to learn how to fail upward." He shows stories of microaggressions, gentrification, police brutality, activism, anarchism, driving a pedicab, punk culture, and more."

"Beneath its sardonic tone lies a truth that is urgent, sincere and deeply affecting." - NPR Books, 100 Favorite Comics and Graphic Novels

“Required reading for white people, especially if we hope to be useful allies and decent friends.” - Women Write About Comics, Top Small Press of 2016

“It’s entertaining and comical and heartbreaking, everything an eye-opening experience should be.” - Comics Bulletin

"Powerful and possibly one of the best I’ll read this year." - Comics Beat, Best Comics of 2016

Grade: M (new stock)

Author: "Ben Passmore is the author of the ongoing comic book series Daygloayhole, as well as the Eisner Award-nominated and Ignatz Award-winning comic collection Your Black Friend. He also wrote and illustrated Sports Is Hell (Koyama Press), collaborated with Ezra Claytan Daniels on BTTM FDRS (Fantagraphics), and contributes to publications such as The Nib and New York Times. He lives in Philadelphia."