Thurston Moore “Demolished Thoughts” CD (2011)
Thurston Moore “Demolished Thoughts” CD (2011)
Thurston Moore “Demolished Thoughts” CD (2011)
Thurston Moore “Demolished Thoughts” CD (2011)
Matador Records

Thurston Moore “Demolished Thoughts” CD (2011)

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Details: Thurston Moore solo record released on Matador Records, produced by Beck, features Mary Lattimore on Harp and Samara Lubelski on Violin. Previous owner kept clippings (reviews) with each of their CDs and that will come with these (inside with the booklet). There is a sticker removal mark on the back of the cover from the previous owner also (near UPC).

Description: “… the 4th solo album from Sonic Youth"s Thurston Moore (5th if you count 1998's Root) and the first to be produced by Beck Hansen. Recorded in Los Angeles and Northampton, MA this past autumn & winter, ˜Demolished Thoughts" is an equally beautiful and brooding work; while there's more than a few tonal similarities to some of your favorite Moore compositions from years past, the execution this time around is nothing short of staggering. No disrespect to 1995's ˜Psychic Hearts" or 2007's "Trees Outside The Academy" is intended on our part when we promise ˜Demolished Thoughts" burnishes Thurston's rep as a classic songwriter in ways we never anticipated when this album was first being talked about last year.”

Grade: VG (Digipak) / VG+ (CD)


1. Benediction
2. Illuminine
3. Circulation
4. Blood Never Lies
5. Orchard Street
6. In Silver Rain With A Paper Key
7. Mina Loy
8. Space
9. January