Paul Leary & Kramer "My Love" Single (2023)
Paul Leary & Kramer "My Love" Single (2023)
Paul Leary & Kramer "My Love" Single (2023)
Shimmy Disc/Joyful Noise

Paul Leary & Kramer "My Love" Single (2023)

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Details: Paul Leary & Kramer "My Love" Single (2023, Shimmy-Disc). New stock. First in a series of six singles.

Description: "A new collaborative EP series from Shimmy-Disc, featuring six EPs ... Each 7" record is a unique "mini-album" collaboration between Kramer and a different group of artists.

"In 2022, the pandemic seemed to be receding to the point where artists could work together again, side by side. So, returning to the spirit of my Joyful Noise Recordings 2020 Artist-in-Residence vinyl box set...revisiting the borderless landscapes of audio art, tempered by the imaginations of the artists I chose to work with, then cast against the myriad infinities of mysteries betwixt those ageless, spinning rings... those rings that seem to sing, "...listen to us."

it always begins with imagery. always.

rings around the planet. rungs on the ladder. baby steps. we keep going because we believe there will be more places to go. there must be more places to go. please, let it be so. please, remain open. Love cannot enter a clenched fist.

TIME, with all its mysteries intact, unfettered by borders, so that both the artists and the listeners can enter, in partnership, together." - Kramer (Feb 2023)

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A1. My Love


B1. My Therapy