Cosmetics “The Crack” 12” PR Single (1982)
Cosmetics “The Crack” 12” PR Single (1982)
Cosmetics “The Crack” 12” PR Single (1982)
I.R.S. Records

Cosmetics “The Crack” 12” PR Single (1982)

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Details: The Cosmetics 12” single for their track, The Crack, featuring Philadelphia’s Marsha Hunt on backing vocals. Band leader Richard Mazda was the “In-House” producer at I.R.S. Records in the ‘80s. New wave, fun find. UK import. Promo. Gold stamp on back.

Description: “In 1981 Richard [Mazda] formed his next band Cosmetics who had a minor club hit with "Calligraphy" and "The Crack." They were also among the first bands to raise consciousness of South Africa's apartheid with their tune "Johannesburg." Cosmetics consisted of Richard Mazda, Pat Davey, Ebo Ross, and Steve Laurie. Laurie was "on loan" from Tom Robinson's band "Sector 27" for whom Cosmetics were opening on tour at that time.

Shortly after the US release of the "Calligraphy/Crack EP" Miles Copeland made Richard Mazda an offer to be a producer. The highly entertaining full story can be read on Richard's website. He made a name for himself producing records for Wall Of Voodoo, The Fleshtones, and Suburban Lawns. This in turn led to production work beyond the realm of IRS, for bands like The Fall and The Birthday Party.”

Grade: VG+ (Record/Cover)


A1. The Crack (Long Version)


B1. Calligraphy
B2. The Crack (Edited Version)