Beauty Pill "Describes Things As They Are" LP RE (2015)
Beauty Pill "Describes Things As They Are" LP RE (2015)
Butterscotch Records

Beauty Pill "Describes Things As They Are" LP RE (2015)

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Details: This is a double-vinyl copy of the red-vinyl reissue of Beauty Pill's transcendently beautiful and brilliantly orchestrated album, "Describes Things As They Are." It was issued three times, with clear and red vinyl being the vinyl variants. Released on NY label Butterscotch Records. This is a sealed copy.

Description: "Here’s the thing about being ahead of your time: if you wait long enough, eventually time catches up. While “ahead of their time” is usually a component of a tragic story, for Beauty Pill, it’s a triumph. The 11 years since their groundbreaking debut full length The Unsustainable Lifestyle have been incredibly kind to their brand of socially conscious meta-genre atmosphere-heavy indie rock. What was once an uncategorizable outlier, is now still uncategorizable, but it sounds as fresh as if it had been made yesterday. So fortunate for Beauty Pill that they put out [this album]... Behold the beautiful pill that is Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are." - Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK

"Beauty Pill Describes Things as They Are is the second full-length by the band Beauty Pill. It was recorded at Artisphere, a museum in Arlington, VA, as part of a commissioned art project called Immersive Ideal in which the recording sessions were conducted in view of the public. They completed one song per day, and Chad Clark felt the pressure of the recording process infused the music with an energetic quality. The music is more electronic in nature than the band's previous recordings because Clark's health issues prevented him from lifting a guitar for a time.

The album was met with wide critical acclaim. NPR listed it as one of the 50 Best Albums of 2015, and Rolling Stone listed it as one of the "15 Best Albums You Didn't Hear in 2015". Magnet Magazine declared it album of the year and said it "Takes a sledgehammer to boundaries and orthodoxies. Recalls both 'Revolver' and 'Stankonia."

Noisey declared it "One of the most unique and engrossing albums of 2015", while Pitchfork characterized it as "a smorgasbord of angles, melodies, loops, pockets, and fractal surfaces that nonetheless refuse to deviate from the mythic power of the pop hook." Robert Christgau named it the seventh best album of 2015."

Grade: M (new stock, sealed)


1. Drapetomania!
2. Afrikaner Barista
3. Ann The Word


1. Steven & Tiwonge
2. Ain't A Jury In The World Gon' Convict You, Baby
3. Exit Without Saving


1. The Prize
2. Dog With Rabbit In Mouth, Unharmed
3. For Pretend


1. When Cornered
2. Near Miss Stories
3. Ann The Word