Tunabunny "PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr." 2XLP (2017)
Tunabunny "PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr." 2XLP (2017)
HHBTM Records

Tunabunny "PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr." 2XLP (2017)

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Details: Tunabunny's double album opus, "PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr." released as a double album on HHBTM Records in 2017. Black vinyl, new stock. Comes in an outer clear poly resealable sleeve. 

Description: "The very essence of Tunabunny – well, apart from subversion - is paradox. Though shrouded by abstract notions of identity and perception, PCP takes us back to basic shapes. Songs like 'Count to Ten' and 'Come Feed Your Dogs' seem so simple, like linear memories recovered from a child’s mind. But no – one baffles with machinery, and the other admonishes a negligent father. These are not mere pulleys and levers, but windows and mirrors – especially the bubbly “Incinerate”, which offers at least three different layers of how to be on fire.

And what – what words even express the unmediated bliss of 'Dream Sugar'? What? Drone? Heaven? Death? And the one-minute broadcast of 'Work It Around' – you’ll press yr ear against the door, transfixed by the uncanny (a battered capsule from Juju-era Siouxsie, which was itself a capsule from the future), but the moment fades before you’ve gathered anything. The term 'mystery', in most cases of music writing, alludes to broken narratives and foggy scenery, but here Tunabunny can cram enigma in the tiniest crannies, like in the wobbly analog waves of 'Seek Consequence' and the freak-folk curio of 'Images of Future Selves'. They’re fleeting, but not inconsequential – every moment turns over another stone on the path and asks another question to the attentive traveler.

Now, it’s not like Tunabunny has 'grown up' or 'come into their own with PCP. Songs like 'Start It' and 'Noise Problems' cement what is, by this point, canonical Tunabunny: roaring guitars, Mary Jane and Brigette in beast mode, breathless sprints through the intersections of rock and pop. Indeed, closer 'I Thought I Caught It (With You)' demonstrates exactly what the gang does best, and why they’ve done that for so long. See, writing IS fun, when you peel back borders and engage with the humanity that surrounds you, and so interacting with that art SHOULD be fun for the audience too, in every aspect. Thus, the quirkier experiments on PCP - like the concentric circles of 'Shiftchanger', or the Eno-dialed Walkman of 'It Could Be Something' - only extend that same exhilaration toward less-traveled routes.

What I’m trying to say is – whether they realize it or not, many artists impose boundaries between your perception and their truth, between their artistry and your ineptitude. In PCP’s existential wonderland, those boundaries don’t exist. Hence, why I can never define Tunabunny – for, in their boldest and bravest journey to date, definitions would only drag them down." - Drowned In Sound

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Cartesian Theater
A2. Incinerate
A3. Noise Problems
A4. It Could Be Something
A5. Seek Consequence
A6. Blackwater Homes
A7. Oracle


B1. Start It
B2. Boundless Informant
B3. Nevermind The Cobblestones
B4. Yellow Heart Is My Sky Sign
B5. Winter's Mind
B6. The Way The World Works
B7. Julia


C2. Shiftchanger
C3. The Rest Of Us
C4. Me and Nancy
C5. Pretending To Bend
C6. Count To Ten
C7. Magic January


D1. Dream Sugar
D2. Pictocin Education Hour
D3. Images Of Future Selves
D4. Come Feed Your Dogs
D5. Work It Around}
D6. Revolution None
D7. I Thought I Caught It (With You)