Skinny Girl Diet "Heavy Flow" LP (2016)
Skinny Girl Diet "Heavy Flow" LP (2016)
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Skinny Girl Diet "Heavy Flow" LP (2016)

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Details: London UK band Skinny Girl Diet second album, "Heavy Flow," released on black vinyl. Comes in a clear outer poly sleeve. New stock. 

Description: "London, UK’s Skinny Girl Diet release highly anticipated debut album Heavy Flow which is a mix of riot grrrl, metal, grunge, and post-punk written through three intense feminist ladies. Already praised by Teen Vogue, Noisey, Guardian, NME, Gold Flake Paint, Clash Music, and played about every UK festival you can imagine the world belongs to Skinny Girl Diet."--HHBTM

"Skinny Girl Diet is a feminist DIY-heavy grunge band who appear on the cover of their debut album Heavy Flow in period-stained white dresses. After a prolific string of demos and EPs, their debut album Heavy Flow comes together as a thing of ramshackle beauty. It's full of lo-fi scuzzy production, unpolished vocals, and fearless honesty. It's raw and a little unhinged and has the same charm as early recordings of Hole, Babes in Toyland, and Seven Year Bitch. OK may be the best song ever written about watching a loved one struggle through depression. And then there’s lead single Yeti, a song about how society demonizes female sexuality that-in its shifting tempos, its volatility - sounds like no punk song ever made by men."--Rough Trade

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Comedown Intro
A2. Yeti
A3. Okay
A4. Lazy Eye
A5. Eyes That Paralyse
A6. Bored
A7. Wolf Pack


B1. Silver Spoons
B2. Fix Me
B3. Pretty Song
B5. Forget
B6. Wasted Smile
B7. Comedown Outro