Katie Lass "Hypnopomp" Green LP (2022)
Katie Lass "Hypnopomp" Green LP (2022)
HHBTM Records

Katie Lass "Hypnopomp" Green LP (2022)

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Details: Katie Lass' full-length debut for HHBTM Records, "Hypnopomp," released on transparent gorgeous green marbled vinyl, in November 2022. Limited to 100 copies, the album was mixed by Katie at Third Man and comes packaged in a full-color jacket, and also includes a glossy full-color one-sided insert. New stock, and comes in a clear resealable poly sleeve. 

Description: "Hypnopomp is the debut album by Detroit outsider ethereal shoegaze artist Katie Lass. The album is an odd mix of shoegaze, art-rock, ambient drone, twee-pop, and outsider music that walks a line between Galaxie 500, His Name Is Alive, Felt, and Durruti Column. Hypnopomp is an album filled with wonder and despair that you will find something new with each listen. It is an album of risk and reward."

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Can You Take Me Back
A2. Luster
A3. Hypnopompamus
A4. Ctan6-!
A5. Shadow On the Shoreline
A6. Nonpop
A7. Sunshine1 (headspunstar)


B1. Claw
B2. Seaweedhead
B3. Pin & Ripple
B4. Porous Rags
B5. Long Window
B6. Eidolon Orbit
B7. Sugar Chasm