Coachwhips "Night Train" CS or Cyan Blue LP (2019/RE)
Coachwhips "Night Train" CS or Cyan Blue LP (2019/RE)
Coachwhips "Night Train" CS or Cyan Blue LP (2019/RE)
Girlsville Records

Coachwhips "Night Train" CS or Cyan Blue LP (2019/RE)

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Details: Coachwhips "Night Train" CS (2019, Limited to 100 copies. Girlsville Records). White shell cassette, clear sticker label, clear clam shell. Coachwhips, "Night Train" LP (Cyan Blue, Reissue). New stock, sealed.

Description: "Coachwhips Night Train vinyl LP, remastered into pure mono by Patrick Haight... Night Train includes demos and outtakes from all four Coachwhips full-lengths, as well as some 7" cuts."

"Listen to the tweaks on the title track and "Tired Of Wasting My Time," and know that the engine driving this cacophony is one of genius."--MaximumRockNRoll

"Coachwhips rewrote the punk-aesthetic for the 21st Century"--The Guardian

Grade: M (new stock)


A1. Just One Time (Get Yer Body Demo)
A2. Body And Brains (PB&J Demo)
A3. Night Train (HOTC Outtake)
A4. Tired Of Wasting My Time (HOTC Outtake)
A5. You Can't Please Me (HOTC Outtake)
A6. Ya Know You Wanna (PB&J Demo)
A7. Weight Of Whiskey (HOTC Outtake)
A8. Nife Fite (HOTC Outtake)
A9. Did You Cum? (PB&J Demo)
A10. Way Down South (Get Yer Body Demo)
A11. HC She (7" Version)


B1. PBJ (Demo)
B2. I Drank What? (Bangers Demo)
B3. Harlows Muscle Of Love (Bangers Demo)
B4. My One And Only (HOTC Outtake)
B5. Like Food It Feeds (Get Yer Body Demo) 1:54
B6. Old Man (HOTC Outtake) 1:40
B7. Letter To London (PB&J Demo) 1:58
B8. America And Europe Too (HOTC Outtake) 1:29
B9. Hey Fanny (Hey Fanny 7"/ Cassette) 1:11
B10. The Ride (Demo)