Jawbox Self-Titled Promo CD (1996)
Jawbox Self-Titled Promo CD (1996)
Jawbox Self-Titled Promo CD (1996)

Jawbox Self-Titled Promo CD (1996)

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Details: Jawbox tasty Self-Titled Promo CD (1996) on Tag Recordings/Atlantic. Used Promo CD. "Each song is an exercise in control, a near-apocalyptic struggle of tension, then release." SPIN Magazine, 1996 Post-punk, punk, alternative rock. A definite favorite! Includes the ripping 'hidden track' cover of Tori Amos' "Cornflake Girl"! So. Dang. Good!

Description: "Jawbox is the fourth album by Jawbox. The album was released by TAG Recordings, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records. In the months following the album's release, the band was dropped from TAG and thus from Atlantic. 

The album is much more commercial than its predecessor, For Your Own Special Sweetheart. Music videos were produced for the tracks "Mirrorful" and Tori Amos cover "Cornflake Girl", with the latter being a hidden track. The cover became a surprise (albeit minor) hit in the alternative and college radio scene, thus the video was filmed. The cover was omitted from the album's 2015 LP reissue. Along with those two tracks, promotional singles were also created for "Absenter" and "His Only Trade". This would be Jawbox's final studio album before disbanding in 1997, and then reforming again, in 2019."

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1. Mirrorful
2. Livid
3. Iodine
4. His Only Trade
5. Chinese Fork Tie
6. Won't Come Off
7. Excandescent
8. Spoiler
9. Desert Sea
10. Empire Of One
11. Mule/Stall
12. Nickel Nickel Millionaire
13. Capillary Life
14. Absenter 
14.a. Hidden Track - Cornflake Girl (Tori Amos)