Mudhoney “My Brother The Cow” CS (1995)
Mudhoney “My Brother The Cow” CS (1995)
Mudhoney “My Brother The Cow” CS (1995)
Mudhoney “My Brother The Cow” CS (1995)
Mudhoney “My Brother The Cow” CS (1995)
Mudhoney “My Brother The Cow” CS (1995)
Reprise Records

Mudhoney “My Brother The Cow” CS (1995)

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Details: Mudhoney's follow up to Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (1991), and the first to be released on Reprise Records (moving the band from Sub Pop). Previously owned cassette edition, clear cassette shell, white pad-printing.

Description: "The 12-song LP was recorded with producer Jack Endino (Gas Huffer, Tad, Supersuckers), with a press release explaining that the song cycle had the band serving up sly nods to their influences. For instance, Bad Brains' "Fearless Vampire Killers" was referenced with "F.D.K (Fearless Doctor Killers)," Captain Beefheart's "Orange Claw Hammer" got a nod via "Orange Ball-Peen Hammer" and a few Led Zeppelin lyrics were sneaked onto "1995." -

From, "Mudhoney have just issued the full-length follow-up to 1992’s Piece of Cake, a potent blast of attitude and noise called My Brother the Cow, which was coproduced by the band and local studio guru Jack Endino.

But while Mudhoney sell a respectable number of records by press-darling standards, they’re not in any immediate danger of becoming overnight stars. Which is fine, they claim. Fame, says Arm with a laugh, “is not really a concern. I don’t think we’re in any danger of it happening to us.”

“We’ve gotten that same line of questioning for years: ‘What will you do if you get famous?’ ” says Turner. “And we keep saying it ain’t gonna happen.” “We understand ourselves,” Arm insists, “and the world around us. We’re not delusional.” - excerpt from an article by Daina Darzin, June 1995

Grade: NM (Cover/Cassette)


A1. Judgement, Rage, Retribution, and Thyme
A2. Generation Spokesmodel
A3. What Moves The Heart
A4. Today, Is A Good Day
A5. Into Yer Shtik
A6. In My Finest Suit


B1. F.D.K.
B2. Orange Ball-Peen Hammer
B3. Crankcase Blues
B4. Execution Style
B5. Dissolve
B6. 1995