Paranoid Style, The "The Interrogator" LP (2024)
Paranoid Style, The "The Interrogator" LP (2024)

Paranoid Style, The "The Interrogator" LP (2024)

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Details: Paranoid Style, The "The Interrogator" LP (2024, Bar/None Records). Black vinyl. New stock, sealed.

Description: "From the Dolls-meets-the-devil opening title track to the desperate Sister Lovers-adjacent finale "The Findings," The Interrogator is thirteen vibrant, crackling, scary and hilarious songs which taken together represent nothing less than a thorough and thrilling moral inventory of our decadent and depraved times. Following up and doubling down on the themes of last year's lionized cult favorite For Executive Meeting, Elizabeth Nelson has authored an album as politically potent and pointedly hilarious as antecedents like The Mekons' Rock 'n' Roll and Neil Young's on On the Beach and wed it to the sound of ZZ Top's Eliminator. As writers like Rob Sheffield and Robert Christgau have known for years Elizbeth Nelson has been one of our very best songwriters for going on a decade. On the charged anthem "Bad Day for the Group Chat" she reassesses the current state of affairs: "I have bested all my peers."

Grade: M (new stock)


01. The Interrogator
02. I Love The Sound Of Structured Class
03. The Ballad Of Pertinent Information (Turn It On)
04. Last Night In Chickentown
05. The Return Of The Molly Maguires
06. Client States
07. Styles Make Fights
08. Are You Loathsome Tonight
09. Bad Day For The Group Chat
10. The Drop Is Steep
11. The Formal
12. Print The Legend
13. The Findings