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My name’s Carly, and I own the record store: Modern Soul Records! Thank you so much for checking us out. We’re an online-only, specialized, record and book store, based in New Jersey. In putting my ideas together for Modern Soul Records: I wanted to create a record and book store that focused the lens on women performing in music, the arts, and pop culture. It needed to span—and shoot an arrow—across the more linear boundaries in genre, gender, feminism, activism, intersection, culture, authorship, and musicianship. I wanted the shop to be a reflective, experimental, flexible, AND cohesive experience and a space...

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Greetings from The Shop!

Welcome to Modern Soul Records—we hope that you find items here that bring up fun memories or that prompt new smiles. Modern Soul Records has always been a dream… Do you have a top five, or a top ten, or twenty? Do you love a band or a song that no one could possibly love or understand? Do you hold it close to your heart like a secret? We do, too! We hope that you’ll share it with us! We hope to lift up the voices of womxn and womxn-identifying artists across music, literature, culture, and representation and be a...

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