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In honor of a few recent full-moon nights, and the spooky Halloween weekend (tonight is a 'Waning Gibbous' moon), we took a few moments to speak to lead guitarist and singer Dawn Moraga from one of our favorite new bands, North Carolina's Cor De Lux, about the gravity of our times, and crafting beautiful and emotive music under a new moon.
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Carly: What is the story behind your song "Gravity Kills" and why did the band write it? 
Dawn of Cor De Lux: A fictional story of what it would be like if the moon was destroyed and we all started to loose gravity slowly and life on earth would drastically change.
What is your favorite lyric or part in this song?
“Taking Life’s steps in Time before we meet you say goodbye”
What inspires you to write and create art?
Life. It’s a constant roller coaster of expectations and emotions with Earth as a visual theatre
What draws you out of a dark mood?
I guess that varies with each member of the band I think music for all of us and the ocean.
If you could send out a positive signal to yourself or to others: what would it be?
You can only be you, and don’t take life for granted.
Cor De Lux Harvest Moon by John
Harvest Moon by John Bliven, 2020
Can you include a photo of the band, or a photo or piece of art that inspires the band? Tell us about the photo or image or art and why you chose it.
This is a photo our bassist John took of the Moon. We had our first practice on a full harvest moon.
What is the band up to right now/going forward? 

Creating new material and coming into our sound.. honestly trying to just make it to 2021.

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