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Artist Jane Weaver's brand new album, Flock, is released today via Fire Records, March 5th, 2021. We explored the meaning behind Flock's opening track, "Heartlow," as well as the lyrics of "Pyramid Schemes," with Jane.

Weaver keeps a very busy schedule recording, steeped in work, always pushing herself forward, and moving mountains to explore new future-sounds, ideas and advances for each new project. "Flock," is a valuable addition to Weaver's current and vast canon of work, both as the primary artist, and as a collaborator. Weaver has in the past noted her "most realized and complete commitment" was 2014's "The Silver Globe." We suspect that in saying this, her latest album, Flock, is yet another level-up for the artist.

Jane Weaver "Flock" (Fire Records, 2021)

Heartlow thrills and delights as the Flock album opener with its soft and natural trill of synth and moog-y sounds unwinding to reveal a bubbling up...a booming and pulsating drum-beat set to Weaver's effortlessly sung melodies and lyrics. While the fat and bouncy grooves of The Revolution of Super Visions and later album tracks like, Pyramid Schemes, take us to places like Prince-Minneapolis-groove-funk, "Flock," again finds Weaver in an exploratory mode, melding different genres together with ease. The psychedelia-glam and shimmy-bump beats of "Stages Of Phases," shows-off the playful ease in which Weaver moves; we are collectively jumping off of her musical cliff with her and into a lit pool of bright and brilliant colors. The album flows, easily finding new and exploratory paths to move us into: "Flock" is a beautiful album with new ideas brought to us by a bright and musical visionary.

Being a champion of new artists (her personal imprint Bird released "the earliest recordings of Cate Le Bon, Beth Jeans Houghton, and Maxine Peake,") as well as a beacon for lesser-known formative artists (Wendy & Bonnie, Suzanne Ciani, Cybotron and Suzanne Christie--and working with founder Andy Votel's label Finders Keepers to release items by these artists while also looking for and curating other 'lost' artifacts) has meant that Weaver's artistic vision has taken her on many different and unique journeys; as an explorer; an artist; a musician, DJ, and collaborator; a soundtrack and filmic composer...

2019 saw Weaver releasing both a follow-up to 2017's "Modern Kosmology," with her full-length release of "Loops In The Secret Society," as well as a re-imagined score under the artist name Fenella for Fire Records re-imagined score series based on an animated movie (a Hungarian folk-tale, "Released in 1981, Fehérlófia is a remarkable animation based in ancient folklore with a narrative culled from mythical tales of the Scythans, Huns and Avars"). 

When we think of Jane Weaver, it is in the context of her heady commitment to futuristic vision and sounds that we find in her work; it is in these retro-brilliant catalogue pieces and collective visions that she is expanding boundaries on--toward psychedelia, and toward nature, as an ever-winding spectrum of the two in a vast new sound. This is where we find her latest release of "Flock," as well. 

We spoke via email to the artist about the new album and what moves her, as well as her collaborations, for this latest release.

Carly: What is the story behind your song "Heartlow" from your brand new album, Flock (out today, on Fire Records)?

Jane Weaver: I was feeling a bit down and couldn’t get out of it, that’s what the song is about, when all your usual coping mechanisms are just not working, I wrote a guitar pop song, but it's bittersweet; I finished the lyrics in France in a deserted seaside resort in the winter of 2019 – it was pretty apt.

Your tracks are so multi-layered and rich. Do you have a favorite lyric or part of a track from the new album that you think is really special to you and you can't wait for people to dig into?

I really like the words to ‘Pyramid Schemes,’ the feeling of being at the bottom of the stream, but unable to grasp the branch that will help you get out…freedom at your finger tips. I was writing about something I was going through at the time and felt in a deep funk about, and the song has references to it.

Your album cover art with its colorful birdhouses on it are creative and beautiful, playing on your album title, "Flock." What can you tell us about the story behind the cover art and the title of the album?

I always have bird references in every album, and with the song ‘Flock,’ I wanted it to be about an enchanted wood; just trees, and flocks of birds, and distant noises. The art work was constructed and painted by Andy Votel who does all of my artwork; he built this installation of birdhouses so that I could sit in the middle, in a peacock chair, looking contented.

What inspires you to create your art or music, and also, what draws you out of a dark mood?

I like a landscape or a view to write with, there’s a lot to be gained from daydreaming, certain stories of films inspire me: and then it's easy to get carried away. Music does draw me out of the dark mood and playing gigs, I’m grateful that I still put records out, I also love the camaraderie that comes with being in a band. Making an album isn’t easy for me and takes a long time; but once the album is finished, it's like a big relief, and then there’s more work to do..

If you could send out a positive signal to yourself or others: what would it be?

Stick to your path and keep going even if you feel you’re not achieving as much as you like at the minute, your experience is valuable and will eventually help you navigate through all the twists and turns!

What can you tell us about the promotion of "Flock" that we should keep an eye (or an ear) out for?

I was able to work with the filmmaker Douglas Hart* for the "Heartlow" video, he’s great, and has a real identity and passion for how things look: he did two versions of the video, the second of which we are launching soon.

*[Jesus & Mary Chain, Spiritualized, etc.]

What are you listening to (or reading) right now?

I’m listening to more podcasts; I really enjoy the ‘You’re Wrong About’ series, I have it on when I’m cooking dinner or going for a run... I find Mike and Sarah (the hosts) really informative and interesting, it's not dull either, and they are entertaining, too.

Today is Bandcamp Friday and Jane Weaver's latest album Flock is out today, March 5th, 2021, on Fire Records (UK & EU). Order her latest album, Flock, here: (import). 

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